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During the Great Depression, two Chicago shoe manufacturers, Jessel Cohn and his son, Sidney, decided to move their children’s and infants' shoemaking plant from Chicago, Illinois to Clarksville, Tennessee.

They set up their business in a two-story brick building on Crossland Avenue and called it the Acme Shoe Manufacturing Company.

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While mandated information on labels, the label graphics, and the use of organizational symbols all provide dating information, Acme's advertising campaigns can narrow the time frame in dating their breweriana.

ACME AD CAMPAGINS In general, Acme adopted an ad campaign at the beginning of a calendar year and stayed with it the entire year. Sometimes there was more than one campaign for a given year or one that was only used breifly.

Additionally, there were some that were repeated, and in the case of the non-fattening claim - lasted almost as long as the company. 1933 ad leads with the Non Fattening claim and also uses the slogan, "America's Favorite." The convex glass Acme sign at right also has "America's Favorite" which dates the piece at 1933. 1935 continues to use the tagline "Non Fattening" and adds the Slogan: "Prince of Pilsner" for the 1935 ad campaign.

1934 - Acme must have concluded that its beer couldn't be "America's Favorite" since they were just a West Coast brand, so they modified the slogan for their print ads to "The Favorite." The phrase was also used on this ball tap knob, ca. The card at right uses "The Prince of Pilsner" as well as "The Favorite" - suggesting an early 1935 printing.

1950 to 1954 - In 1950 the "Stein Girl" label was dropped in favor of the label (far left) with a simplified modernized font. 1952, the label was changed again with "Acme" reduced in size, emphasizing "Gold Label." But the label changes didn't help with sales. 1936 to 1942 The United Brewers Industrial Foundation (UBIF) was a self-regulating organization for member breweries.