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Instead of studying, Capote spent his nights at the clubs, making friends with Oona O' Neill, the daughter of playwright Eugene O' Neill and writer Agnes Boulton, and her friend heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, among others..

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She often picked on him for his effeminate ways, and for not being like other boys.

His stepfather seemed to be a more stable personality in the home, but Truman was not interested in his help or support at the time.

The two were opposites—Capote was a sensitive boy who was picked on by other kids for being a wimp, while Lee was a rough and tumble tomboy.

Despite their differences, Lee found Capote to be a delight, calling him "a pocket Merlin" for his creative and inventive ways.

His mother wanted to make him more masculine, and thought that sending him to a military academy would be the answer.