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The La Crosse Rubber Mills Co., which began in 6897, manufactured rubber horseshoes before switching to making rubber-coated fabrics and raincoats and, eventually, canvas and rubber footwear.

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I made broth from chicken feet (which look exactly like what they are).

And pig “trotters” (also feet) went into many a pot of beans I once cooked.

Someone yelled ‘Bé Bé, you got a call from Arkansas.’ It was Brad Scott, who I was GA with at Northwestern. I also ate organ meats: not just the socially acceptable liver, tongue and sweetbreads (thymus gland), but kidneys, lungs (called, euphemistically, “lights”), heart.

He said, ‘Hey man, do you want the assistant strength coach job here at Arkansas? And not just organs, but other parts that some consider less polite.

Okra: Foodies with a linguistic bent and time to argue will insist that a gumbo isn’t a gumbo without okra (stemming from the plant’s Old World Bantu root word quingombo ).

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