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Malnutrition, disease and the misfortunes of everyday life had accounted for no less than four hundred and twenty of them by the time I became conscious of their existence; although it is possible to hypothesize that these deaths, too, had their purpose, since 420 has been, since time immemorial, the number associated with fraud, deception and trickery." (Comet 2/14/98) Comet's "best guess is that this refers to something in Indian mythology or numerology, since the book is set in India and frequently involves Indian history, culture, and religion.

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And Stephen Stills wrote (and Crosby Stills Nash & Young performed) a song "4 20" (first recorded 7/16/69, released on Deja Vu 3/11/70) about an 84-year-old poverty-stricken man who started and finished with nothing.

(Thanks to Sherry Keel 12/6/98.) Dylan aslo mentions "4 and 20 windows" in "The Balland of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest" (on John Wesley Harding).

Disruptive students are out of detention and safetly away from school by , also rumored to be "the time that you should dose to be peaking when the Dead went on stage" Hart.

"The Waldos" were a group of teens back in the 70's that lived in San Rafael, CA.

' The term was one of many invented by the group, but it was the one that caught on. ``Parents and teachers wouldn't know what we were talking about.' The term took root, and flourished, and spread beyond San Rafael with the assistance of the Grateful Dead and their dedicated cohort of pot-smoking fans.