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Invited Speaker, "Bridging Asian, American, and Asian American Identities in the 21st Century," Syracuse University, NY, April 16, 2010. "Virtually Asian: The Social Construction of Identity Through Internet Media," presented at the annual meeting of the What exactly does 'C. To make a long story short, up until the 9th grade, I went by just my first name, Cuong.

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In addition to talking about what has been done to Asian Americans, I also try hard to present what Asian Americans have done -- our contributions to American history and culture that should inspire pride, not pity.

Why are South Asians (Indians, Pakistanis, etc.) considered Asian Americans?

That's true but to echo a central theme of Asian-Nation, there is so much diversity in the Asian American community that I don't think any resource can be completely comprehensive and claim to represent all there is to know about Asian Americans, including Asian-Nation.

The more information and the more perspectives there are about our history, culture, and issues, the better.

but that they should follow the principles of academic honesty and cite or reference their sources, wherever they come from (it's very easy to do as well).